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  • Postal address
  • Full name of a contact person
  • Contact email address

What is EUVAP?

EUVAP is a platform for experienced clinical trial sites interested in conducting COVID-19 vaccine studies.

Clinical trial sites register with the EUVAP database by answering a short site questionnaire. Any clinical trial site from the European Union and neighbouring countries can register with EUVAP.

The EUVAP platform database is managed by the Clinical Trial Infrastructure of the German Center for Infection Research (DZIF) at the University of Cologne.

What does EUVAP seek to accomplish?

EUVAP aims to accelerate clinical development of COVID-19 vaccines for all populations and risk groups.
The EUVAP database allows for a Europe-wide mapping of experienced clinical trial sites interested in conducting COVID-19 vaccine trials.
EUVAP uses its database to put individual sites in contact with clinical trial sponsors, matching the characteristics of each site with the specific requirements of an individual trial.
EUVAP acts as an information broker or matchmaker between interested sites and sponsors, it is not a governing or management body for trial conduct. EUVAP interacts with established research networks but also with clinical trial sites not affiliated with a network.

EUVAP thereby intends to boost the conduct of clinical trials of any scale across country borders in specific populations and risk groups that are not the focus of ongoing phase III trials. There is no upfront limitation on study design: Studies may be head-to-head interventional or observational, on short-term or long-term outcomes, focusing on very small populations or else. Any sponsor from academia, small or medium enterprises (SME), biotech or pharmaceutical industry is welcome to contact EUVAP. In the long term, EUVAP is designed to roll out vaccine trials in indications beyond COVID-19.

What information will EUVAP ask for when you register your clinical trial site?

  • Name and type of institution, contact details
  • Affiliation with infectious disease networks
  • Prior clinical trial experience
  • Main area of expertise, e.g. disease or indication of interest
  • Infrastructure available at your site
  • Your preferences for COVID-19 vaccine studies, e.g. specific study populations, inpatient vs. outpatient setting etc.
  • You can also share the contacts of other sites you wish to recommend for EUVAP


477 clinical trial sites have joined EUVAP so far. The majority is either located in the EU or associated with the H2020 programme.

33 further study sites have expressed interest.

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