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Live Incidence of Viral Respiratory Infections
– VACCELERATE Basis for Study Planning

With the cold season, the number of respiratory diseases increased. We determined the frequency and distribution of respiratory infections before patients see a doctor = Real-World Infection Evidence.

In the summer months, most people are healthy and nothing much happens in terms of infections. During this time, we investigate asymptomatic testings and will step on the gas again in fall, when the viruses are back from their summer break.

20 June 2023

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is the pan-European backbone for the acceleration of phase 2 & 3 COVID-19 vaccine trials. The overall objective is to connect all European stakeholders involved in vaccine development to provide  a pan-European platform for clinical trial design and conduct.

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Interview with Prof. Oliver Cornely and Prof. Joe Schmitt from GHP ( on the acceleration of vaccine trials with Vaccelerate:


The Russian invasion of Ukraine is an attack on our most basic values of freedom and democracy.

Our full solidarity goes out to the Ukrainian people.

VACCELERATE and its partners strongly condemn Russia's attack on Ukraine in violation of international law. The Russian invasion of Ukraine is an indescribable assault on the pillars of our society: freedom, democracy, self-determination and integrity. Our full solidarity goes out to the Ukrainian people.

To express this solidarity, we have decided to deactivate the sites from Belarus and Russia that are represented in the VACCELERATE Site Network. We do not know individual political views and we apologize for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, in this situation we cannot make individual decisions but have to take a clear position. The protection of our values is paramount for us.

We hope that the political situation will change as soon as possible, so that we will be able to reverse this decision.