Work Package 4 Communication

Communication & General Public Outreach

Work package objectives:

WP4 ensures appropriate, effective external communication about the VACCELERATE project. It is responsible for the dissemination of knowledge to the general public about COVID-19 (and future pandemic diseases). The team communicates the need and importance to conduct large vaccine trials and the benefits of vaccination and investigates the impact of vaccine hesitancy and vaccine confidence on willingness to participate in vaccine trials. WP4 further compiles educational material for specific populations and identifies any gaps in public information about COVID-19 vaccination and vaccine trials in Europe.

WP Lead:

Prof. Rebecca Jane Cox

Professor and head of the Influenza Centre, University of Bergen, Norway


Work Package Results

All public documents can be shared upon request. Please contact:

Publication Policy

The VACCELERATE publication policy includes information on the dissemination and publication principles, disclaimers, material approvals, authorship, approval times and funding acknowledgement. 

Communication Tool Kit

The communication toolkit provides logos, press release templates, social media guidelines and more information to enable partners and cooperating institutes to speak about VACCELERATE in a uniform way. 

Inventory and gap analysis report of existing public outreach material

The European Vaccine Initiative (EVI) developed an ‘Inventory and gap analysis report of existing public outreach material’ as part of VACCELERATE, the pan-European network for clinical trials of COVID -19 vaccines. This was done to identify and tackle existing gaps in public information material on COVID-19 vaccine trials in Europe, with special emphasis on identifying informational, promotional and educational material for underserved groups.

Plan for “Exploitation and Dissemination of Results” (PEDR)

This document summarises the VACCELERATE project dissemination and exploitation strategy. It provides information about the activities that will be performed throughout the project to disseminate knowledge that is produced by the project. Achieving this aim and the desired impacts will be ensured by the dissemination and exploitation of the project outcomes by making scientific work and results openly available as much as possible; and in a form that is easily accessible, understandable, and reusable.

Qualitative Cochrane Review

A team of reviewers at National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG) led by Pauline Meskell (University of Limerick) developed a protocol for a Cochrane Review (qualitative). The review aims to explore the factors associated with a person’s decision to take part in a pandemic or epidemic vaccine trial: