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27-30 April 2024 Barcelona, Spain

Upcoming VACCELERATE Webinar 

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Identification of educational needs of Cypriot patients​

The VACCELERATE Cyprus team wants to conduct a study (questionnaire) for the identification of patient advocacy groups educational needs in Cyprus. This study will help EUPATI (European Patient’s Academy on Therapeutic Innovation) Cyprus to create an educational lab based on the official guidelines of EUPATI (central).

Prof. Bruijning-Verhagen in Cyprus

It was a great pleasure to host the WP5 Leads of the VACCELERATE pan European Scientific Consortium, Professor Patricia Bruijning-Verhagen and Sanne Hofstraat from the UMC Utrecht, in Cyprus at the Medical School of the European University Cyprus.

The aim of the visit was to perform clinical site visits and interviews with local stakeholders across Cyprus to foster capacity building in the field of clinicaltrials in Cyprus. It was discussed about missed opportunities, the current barriers and possible #acilitators to improve the Cypriot clinical research ecosystem with concrete actions.

Survey to explore the willingness of future physicians and healthcare professionals

VACCELERATE has adapted a survey in an attempt to explore willingness of future physicians and healthcare professionals to contribute to advancements in healthcare by participating in COVID-19 vaccine trials. The objective is to understand the willingness of future healthcare professionals, across Europe, to participate in vaccine trials and provide valuable insights on the mindset of future physicians and healthcare providers.

To date over 600 responses have been recorded with Germany in the lead with 297 responses, followed by Sweden and then Cyprus. Understanding the willingness of this group will provide insights on the concerns and reluctance of participating in vaccine trials.

A press conference will be held on 29th September, 2023, to present the collective results gathered from a questionnaire designed by a collaboration between EUPATI Cyprus and European University Cyprus.

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Exciting news from Switzerland! 

We're thrilled to announce our groundbreaking partnership with Working Bicycles, all while treading lightly on the ecological path. 🚴‍♂️ Pedaling Progress: Together for a greener world! At VACCELERATE, we are not just transforming lives and healthcare; we are doing it sustainably. Ready to be a part of this incredible journey?

Join us today at the Volunteer Registry and pedal your way to a brighter future! 


VACCELERATE Volunteer Registry boost in Sweden

The Swedish VACCELERATE team has had a busy time working to engage more individuals in vaccine research. With the aim of boosting the number of registrations in the VACCELERATE registry, an ambitious new communications campaign was rolled out. This targeted a wide spectrum of characteristics and focused on generating a registry of high quality. With the assistance of the CO in Cologne, new materials were designed and printed.

Multiple channels were harnessed, including social media, advertising in private vaccination clinics, and targeted outreach to universities and companies. The result was a more than 300% increase in registrations – from 70 to 231. 


VACCELERATE Volunteer Webinar December 11 2023

VACCELERATE Arzt-Patient:innen Webinar Wir sind erkältet und bald ist Weihnachten (in German)


We are very happy to announce that Module I of our Study Nurse Course is now online!

The course is designed for study/research nurses and will provide the needed expertise to conduct a clinical trial in line with the ICH GCP guidelines. Next to the regulatory background, the course also tackles and trains practical aspects necessary for the daily work of a study nurse. A well-trained trial centre is essential for the success of a clinical trial.

The total duration of the complete course (consisting of three modules) will provide learning material of about 30 hours (Module I: 9.5 hours). After each module, a certificate of completion can be downloaded.

More information:

On January 25th 2023 the VACCELERATE team from Cyprus joined a EUPATI ( meeting to support and enhance the role of patient advocacy groups in vaccine clinical research. They provided a gift with the VACCELERATE educational cards.

Do you have 10 minutes to help us prepare for the next COVID19 vaccine? Complete this anonymous online survey to help researchers better understand willingness to participate in vaccine clinicaltrials:

Current Project: VACCELERATE Survey on the frequency of viral respiratory diseases in Germany

COVID-19? RSV infection? Or influenza? With the cold season, the number of respiratory diseases increases again. We are currently conducting a survey to determine the frequency and distribution of respiratory diseases.

For this purpose, volunteers from our Volunteer Registry are contacted and receive a test kit from us.

The test can detect 5 different viruses and is used if one or more of the following symptoms are present for at least 24 hours: Cough, sore throat, runny nose, difficulty breathing, redness of the eyes, loss of smell or taste and also aching limbs with or without fever.

The test result is reported to the VACCELERATE team by email and evaluated.


Aktuelles Projekt: VACCELERATE Erhebung zur Häufigkeit von viralen Atemwegserkrankungen in Deutschland

COVID-19? RSV Infektion? Oder doch Influenza? Mit der kalten Jahreszeit steigt auch die Anzahl von Atemwegserkrankungen wieder an. Aktuell führen wir eine Untersuchung durch, um die Häufigkeit und Verteilung dieser Atemwegserkrankungen in Deutschland festzustellen.

Dazu schreiben wir bei uns registrierte Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer an und senden Interessierten ein Test-Kit zu.

Der Test kann 5 verschiedene Viren nachweisen und sollte durchgeführt werden, wenn für mindestens 24 Stunden Symptome bestehen wie Husten, Halsschmerzen, Schnupfen, Atembeschwerden, Augenrötung, Geruchs- oder Geschmacksverlust oder Gliederschmerzen mit oder ohne Fieber.

Das Testergebnis wird dann dem VACCELERATE Team per E-Mail mitgeteilt und ausgewertet.

New Scientific VACCELERATE Publication

08.10.2022 / A multinational, phase 2, randomised, adaptive protocol to evaluate immunogenicity and reactogenicity of different COVID-19 vaccines in adults ≥75 already vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2 (EU-COVAT-1-AGED): a trial conducted within the VACCELERATE network (Trials):

Upcoming VACCELERATE Webinar

Upcoming VACCELERATE Webinar

Topic: eConsent – Chances and Challenges for a Multistakeholder Community

Presenter: Hilde Vanaken, PhD

Date: 05.07.2023, 14:00 CEST



31.08.2022 / Vaccination rates in Europe are not associated with online media intensity (JCOM Journal of Science Communication):

VACCELERATE Press Release:

First children participate in UMC Utrecht-led study:
Is one COVID-19 vaccination dose enough for kids?

VACCELERATE Press Release: 

How many COVID-19 infections are there in Germany? Pilot study in Cologne investigates high dark figure

EU-COVAT-1 AGED Study progress in Norway

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02.06.2022 / VACCELERATE Volunteer Registry: A European study participant database to facilitate clinical trial enrolment (ScienceDirect):

EU-COVAT-2 BOOSTAVAC study start in Ireland

Ecraid begins its fight against infectious diseases. VACCELERATE is happy to support the project with an online Study Nurse Training Course & Certificate.