Volunteer Registry Videos

Global Health Cast Special 2: VACCELERATE Volunteer Registry

Interview with Prof. Heinz-Josef Schmitt, Prof. Oliver A. Cornely, Dr. Zoi Pana and Dr. Janina Leckler:

Work Package Leads & National Coordinators 2022

This video provides information on VACCELERATE, especially on the Work Package Leads and National Coordinators who are introducing themselves with short statements:

VACCELERATE Work Package Leads 2022

Meet the VACCELERATE Work Package Leaders:

VACCELERATE National Coordinators 2022

Meet the VACCELERATE National Coordinators for each participating country:

VACCELERATE Video for Adults

Video on the EU-funded project VACCELERATE, clinical trials and the role of volunteers:

VACCELERATE Video for Children (English)

A VACCELERATE video especially for children, explaining the process of clinical trials, the development of vaccines and the role of volunteers:

VACCELERATE Video für Kinder (German)

Ein VACCELERATE Video speziell für Kinder, das den Prozess klinischer Studien, die Impfstoffentwicklung und die Rolle von Probanden erklärt:

VACCELLARE Video per bambini (Italian)

Un video di VACCELERATE dedicato ai bambini, che spiega il processo di sperimentazione clinica, lo sviluppo del vaccino e il ruolo dei volontari:

VACCELERATE Vídeo para niños (Spanish)

Un vídeo de VACCELERATE especialmente dirigido a los niños, en el que se explica el proceso de los ensayos clínicos, el desarrollo de las vacunas y el papel de los voluntarios:

VACCELERATE Βίντεο για παιδιά (Greek)

Ένα βίντεο VACCELERATE ειδικά για παιδιά, που εξηγεί τη διαδικασία των κλινικών δοκιμών, την ανάπτυξη των εμβολίων και το ρόλο των εθελοντών:

Helena Hervius Askling, Senior Physician in Infectious Diseases who is part of the project group for Vaccelerate, tells us more about Vaccelerate.

„If you are concerned that we can manufacture safe and effective vaccines in the future and prevent pandemics, then you should register for the register,“ she says. 

Watch the video here.