Work Package 3 Project Management

Project Management & Network Coordination

Work package objectives:

WP3 comprises all managerial and coordinative activities that ensure VACCELERATE meets its self-defined six objectives and overall ambition. WP3 will ensure a swift implementation of structures and operational procedures required for successful management of the overall project, and ensures implementation of specific communication structures and procedures for coordinated management of stakeholder requests within the VACCELERATE network. WP3 guarantees that the VACCELERATE core principles of speed, inclusiveness and transparency are embraced throughout the project. The team of WP3 oversees risks with the potential to impact VACCELERATE and develops mitigation plans, within the scope of pandemic developments.

WP Lead & VACCELERATE Coordinator:

Prof. Oliver A. Cornely, MD

CECAD Cluster of Excellence University of Cologne, Center for Clinical Trials 
University Hospital Dep. I for Internal Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases 
University Hospital, Cologne, Germany