WP9 Data Management

Data Management, Standards & Sharing

Work package objectives:

WP9 aims to develop a data management toolbox to be able to propose standardised data management services, promoting interoperability of data across vaccine trials using the VACCELERATE network. This maximises the speed and efficiency of study setup, for example by promoting a standardised set of outcomes, data items and data collection instruments. It additionally maximises the efficiency of data collection, promoting data collection protocols that can be shared between different vaccine trials, using a single data collection system. The team aims to maximise the ‘FAIRness’ and thus the scientific value of the generated data, by 1) ensuring it is well described by metadata, 2) promoting the deposition of data and documents into repositories, and 3) promoting de-identification and other data preparation steps, as well as 4) ensuring data is as inter-operable as possible.

WP Lead:

Dr. Jacques Demotes

Director General of ECRIN,                                                                                              European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network (ECRIN), France